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The Many Faces of Brandino 2

by Brandino

The Album or  Singles can be purchased @

The Many Faces of Brandino 2 has 13 tracks, which show a level of musicianship and composition that I’ve really come to appreciate. Since Brandino is a bass player, it’s no surprise that it’s funky and “fat.” Songs such as “Actual Proof” (just an example) are arranged by Brandino with lush strings and sassy horns. I must admit that I do have a favorite cut, “The Beginning of the End.” This track travels, and expresses a hint of melancholy jazz that is reminiscent of Dexter Gordon and Sonny Rollins. “Free Jazz” sucked me in with its driving bass lines and clever drumming. The piano is tasteful and impressive. These cats are “jazzers!” There’s no mistaking the authenticity of its improvisation. I really felt like I was sitting in a smoke-filled brick-walled beatnik lounge back in the 50s. I loved the saxophone’s performance and melodies on this one. I should also mention, “Where Is the World Going” . . . such fond memories of the Village Vanguard when listening. written by Kaylene Peoples

The Album or  Singles can be purchased @

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